Keep Your Home Organized With This Habit

Organizing a home

The best way to keep a home organized is implementing a bunch of small actions.

Home organizing can be much simpler when broken down into small actions that are also habits.  As with anything, repetition forms habits.  And this habit can make an enormous impact on your home.  So with no further ado what is this essential habit you should form?

Never leave a room empty handed.

What do I mean by this? 

So many items end up in places that they don’t live.  When leaving one room and heading into another, take a look around.  Are there things that need to go where you’re going?  Grab them and take them along. 

I’ll give you an example from my own life.  Just this morning I was in the family room watching my morning shows & enjoying my coffee but needed to go into my closet for some cozy socks.  To get to my closet I have to pass through my bedroom and bathroom.  Before I left to get said cozy socks I grabbed a bottle of ibuprofen, a sweater, and my kindle.  All things that live where I was headed. 

Need another example?  Yesterday I had to go upstairs, something I try not to do often because that is the kid domain and rarely in the state I would like it.  (Yes, even a professional home organizer can have messy parts of the house.)  Anyway before I headed downstairs I grabbed a pack of batteries, a portable phone charger, some dirty towels, and a pair of shoes that my daughter stole from me.  All things that live downstairs.  

Apply this habit to your car as well.  Before we get out of the car I tell my kids to grab anything that does not live in the car, which is most things.  

This tip takes a bit of habit forming but once you are in the habit it becomes second nature.  So next time you get up to move into another part of the house, look around and grab whatever lives where you're going.  It's these simple habits that make the biggest impacts!

If you start working on this habit and realize you need some more storage ideas check out our home organizing packs.  Happy organizing!