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What are the odds... Two half sisters, both raised in separate states by their mothers and having pretty much no contact for almost 27 years. We are Adrienne & Alison and that is how we started.

In 2015 we found each other and we have been close ever since.  We are proof that there is much to be attributed to genes.  We are eerily similar.  We are both loud & opinionated, love to nap, love our personal time, love to be in bed early & we both communicate mainly with sarcasm.  We are products of being raised by amazing single moms.  Moms that did it all, with little to no support from our father.  It wasn't easy by any means but they showed us that if you want something done, well, get out there and get it done.  

Years ago Adrienne was wanting to start working after being primarily a stay at home mom of 4.  Alison was busy working a full time job but wanted to do something she was passionate about on the side. Completely unbeknownst to the other, they both decided that they wanted to go into home organizing.  They had never discussed anything about organizing with each other.  Seriously, what are the odds?

Adrienne started organizing in the Dallas area and called her business Organized by Adrienne...abbreviated OBA.  Her small business took off.  She had more clients than she could have imagined.  Over the years she organized every space imaginable, from 12,000 sq. ft. mansions to 350 sq. ft. micro apartments.  Alison did projects here and there whenever she could fit one in.  Then COVID hit.  It all but shut down the service based businesses and Adrienne's was no exception.

With everything shut down and way too much time on her hands, Adrienne started thinking about a way to reimagine her home organizing business.  Home organizing is first and foremost a problem solving business.  One problem she saw on a regular basis was that people did not know what supplies they needed to organize their spaces.  They would go to the big box stores or online and be so completely overwhelmed that they would either buy way too much or nothing at all.  And if they did buy, they usually ended up with products that weren't actually useful.  Adrienne knew exactly what people needed.

The idea of Oba was born.

Adrienne approached Alison and she was immediately on board.  Over a year later Oba was ready.  It has been a labor of love and we have learned more than we ever would have thought but doing what you love is the ultimate reward.  We are so lucky to be able to share our love of organizing and love of organized spaces.

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