How To Organize Kids Clothes So They Can Dress Themselves

How to organize kids clothes

Organizing your kid's clothes so they can dress themselves is easier than you may think.  

Kids like to dress themselves but they typically don’t have the best eye for putting outfits together.  Mornings can be hectic so take one thing off of your plate and let the kids dress themselves.  How can you be sure they will pick an outfit that matches?  Simple:

Roll a matching outfit together.

Grab a shirt and a bottom (skirt, shorts, pants), put the shirt on the outside, the bottoms underneath, and ROLL.  Now put it in the drawer as a roll.
The rolls fit nicely side by side in a drawer. Now your kid can go grab a roll each morning and you don’t have to worry about a crazy combo!
I have not had small kids for a while but I did this for years.  It saved me so much time and it gave my kids something they could be in charge of for themselves.  Little kids feel so much more like big kids when they have responsibilities.  You can even get your kids in on it.  After laundry day sit down with your kids and create the rolls together.  Rolling is easier than folding and something even very small kids can do.  Don't stop at their outfits, make bedtime easier too.

Roll pajama sets together.

I actually still do this with my pajamas. I love matching pajama sets. So I roll the sets together. I love how they look in the drawer and love that I know when I grab a roll both pieces will be there.
Happy organizing!