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Dorm pack with drawers and bins
Dorm organizing pack with drawers and bins
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Dorm Organizing Pack

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PRESALE: This is a presale item selling for the 2024-2025 school year.  Our 2023-2024 packs sold out quickly.  All dorm packs will ship no later than July 15, 2024.  

If you are looking for a complete organizing solution for your dorm room...look no further. Oba is here to help! As a matter of fact, our complete organization packs are what we live for.   You can now take organizing your dorm off of your long list of things to do to prepare for college.  We've got you covered with our 60 piece Dorm Pack!

Dorm rooms are small spaces, to put it mildly!  The dorm pack helps you maximize every inch of your dorm keeping you organized and clutter free. 

And when you move out of the dorm the pack moves with you...unstack the stacker drawers and slide them under your bed or put them in your closet.   All pieces of the dorm pack are high quality and made to last, they can be used through all of your college years and beyond.

Does your dorm have a bathroom?  Check out the Oba Basics Bathroom Pack!  

Want to see how to go about organizing your dorm? You will receive a QR code once you receive your pack.  Scan it and get access to view The Basics of Organizing tutorial video to get an in depth rundown of how to organize anything. 

The Oba Dorm Organizing Pack contains 60 pieces:

  • 6  – Canvas Bins
  •  – Desktop Organizer
  • 2  – Dorm Drawer Dividers
  • 1  – Laundry Hamper
  •  – Dorm Drawer Organizers - XL
  •  – Dorm Drawer Organizers - Large
  •  – Dorm Drawer Organizers - Medium
  •  – Dorm Drawer Organizers - Small
  •  – Dorm Stacker Drawers - XL
  •  – Dorm Stacker Drawers - Large
  •  – Dorm Stacker Drawers - Small
  •  – Drop Hangers
  •  – 5 Tier Clip Hanger
  •  – 5 Tier Hanger
  •  – Label It! Dorm Label Pack
  •  – Label It! Label Holders
  • 25  – Velvety Stay Put Hangers - Black

Helpful Details:

  • All bins are hand wash recommended

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A little more info about the dorm pack items..

Dorm Stacker Drawer-XL

Stacker Drawer-XL

Perfect for bulkier items. Think sweaters, sweats, blankets etc.

Helpful Details: 17.75"x17.75"x12", white & clear

Dorm Stacker Drawer-Large

Stacker Drawer-Large

The options are endless...we love it for T-shirts, shorts, pants, sheets etc.

Helpful Details: 17.75"x17.75"x8", white & clear

Dorm Stacker Drawer-Small

Stacker Drawer-Small

This little guy is amazing for socks, underwear, toiletries, & personal products.

Helpful Details: 17.75"x8"x8", white & clear

Drawer Organizers-4 sizes

Drawer Organizers

These coordinating organizers are perfect for your desk drawers. Keep all your school supplies neat and tidy!

Helpful Details: XL-11.75"x8"x2.5", Large-11.75"x4x2.5, Medium-8x4x2.5, Small-4x4x2.5, white

Drawer Dividers-expandable

Drawer Dividers

Turn 1 drawer into many. Simply pull up on the tab, adjust the divider to the correct length, then push the tab down to lock it into place.

Helpful Details: 4"x15"-21.25", white

Desktop Organizer-10 compartments

Desktop Organizer

Keep your go-to items right at your fingertips all while keeping your desktop clutter free. There's a spot in it for everything!

Helpful Details: 9.6"x4.7"x3.6", white

Dorm Laundry Hamper, 3 compartments with side pocket

Laundry Hamper

3 sections and a side pocket for detergent! Laundry day just got better.

Helpful Details: 23"x11.75"x23.5", fully lined, metal handles

Label It! Dorm Label Pack

Label It! Dorm Label Pack

You can't really be organized without labels. With 104 labels to choose from, you'll have the perfect label for every bin, basket & drawer.

Helpful Details: each label measures 2.5"x"1.75", clear label with black font

Label It! Label Holder Clip

Label It! Label Holder

Clip them right on to your canvas bins and add a dorm label. These label holders make it easy to exchange one label for another as your storage and organizing needs change. 

Helpful Details: 3.5"x2.5", silver metal

Velvety Stay Put Hangers-Black

Velvety Stay Put Hanger

A staple in the Oba Closet Organizing packs. They are low profile so you can fit more in your closet and they will keep your clothes where you want them...on the hanger!

Helpful Details: 17.25"x9.25", black

Drop Hanger

Drop Hanger

Fit WAY more clothes in your closet! Each super sturdy metal drop hanger can hold 6 items. Game changer!

Helpful Details: 10.3"x3.3", stainless steel

5 Tier Clip Hanger

5 Tier Clip Hanger

Perfect for skirts, shorts, scarves etc. A total space saver!

Helpful Details: 14.8"Lx13.5"W, stainless steel and rubber

5 Tier Hanger

5 Tier Hanger

Heavy duty! These can hold any 5 pair of pants you put on it. The open ended design makes it easy to get your clothes off but the non slip coating will keep them firmly in place while hung.

Helpful Details: 13.8"Lx13.4"W, stainless steel and rubber

Dorm Canvas Bin

Canvas Bin

Versitile and good looking! These bins are fully lined and hold their shape with a metal top frame.

Helpful Details: 17"x14"x10", tan & grey, rope handles

Stacker Drawer – SmallOpen Market BasketGo-To BinStacker Bin & Bamboo Lid – Large/MediumStacker Bin & Bamboo Lid – Small/Medium

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Don't take our word for it


I have a small weird shaped pantry and had no clue what to do with it. Bought the small pantry pack and in one afternoon turned my pantry into a work of art.

Tessa G

Ridgewood, NJ


OMG, my fridge is BEAUTIFUL! Great product. Used a couple of the bins in my freezer, organized that too.

Brooke F

Indianapolis, IN


Needed to get my storage room under control so I got the laundry/household pack. The stacker drawers that came in the pack may be my favorite things ever. I'm picking up a few more. The labels were the perfect for my needs. Very happy.

Pamela S

Tacoma, WA


I have a very small apartment with a small master closet. I am not a natural organizer so I watched the closet video twice before starting. I was able to organize my closet pretty easily. Now I want to do my bathroom!

Tammy F

Papillion, NE


Just moved and my new bathroom is much bigger than my last. Wanted to start out organized. Love the large bathroom pack. A lot of variety. So glad I found Oba!

Delaney S

Fort Thomas, KY

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