Laundry & Household Organizing Pack Tutorial

Organizing doesn't have to give you a headache! Oba is here to help. Today we're here to show you what to do when it comes to organizing your laundry & household space.  Don't forget to start with the Basics of Organizing Video tutorial!

Welcome to the Laundry & Household Organizing Pack tutorial!  This room varies the most between households.  We've seen tools, linens, sports equipment, and all other kinds of things in people’s laundry and storage rooms.  It tends to be the place where things go that just don’t have anywhere else to go.  In most homes we see laundry stuff of course.  Your detergents, stain removers, etc.  I’d also say medicine and health related items, household cleaning, extra linens, and things like batteries and lightbulbs.  We will be focusing on stuff like this and a few other things because we will be organizing real stuff in a real laundry room.  

The things in this space are the things that keep our lives together.  We may not need all of the stuff everyday but when you need it, you need it.  Ever have a fire alarm beeping because the battery needs to be replaced but you have no idea where the batteries would even be? No more of that.  You will now know where all this kind of stuff lives and be able to grab it quick and easy.  We know the first steps in organizing anything is to remove everything from the space and the second is to group everything into families or categories.  Combining these 2 steps and makes the process go faster.  So as you remove an item, place it into a group.  Find any old place to make a group and keep going until everything is in a group of like items. 

Now your shelves are empty and everything is in a group.  We’ve got household cleaners together and we’ve even put them into sub groups, so floor cleaners together, glass cleaners together, you get the point.  We've got a family of lightbulbs and a family of batteries.  Everything has a family.

So now we are ready move to step 3 and purge.  If you have a million household cleaning products are there some you can get rid of?  I tend to use the same things most of the time.  If you are never going to use it, toss it.  If you have 2 open bottles of something can you combine them?  Maybe you have things that you can no longer use.  Like lightbulbs that do not fit anything you have.  Maybe you've got some linens that can go in the bathroom.  If so set them aside and rehome them.  Go over all groups and items and make sure you need it and like it.  Decide if you are going to keep it, throw it away, donate it, or rehome it.   

The purging is done!  Time to put your Oba Laundry & Household Pack to work and move onto step 4, containerize items and put everything away in their groups.

Grab your small Stacker Drawers.  These are amazing for things like batteries, medicine, and any small type of item.  I love the Go-To Bins for cleaning supplies and laundry supplies.  The stuff you use a lot.  The XL Water Hyacinth Baskets are perfect for pillows, blankets and sheets.  And last but not least, your Stacker Bins & Bamboo Lids.  How much do you LOVE these?  They are functional and so cute.  If you need them out in the open because you lack cabinet space they will look amazing.  Our packs are designed to give you what you need for an average space.  But no 2 spaces are the same so if you need 1 or 2 more of any item in your pack head on over to the a la carte section. 

Everything now has a new home and it’s time to put the cherry on top, the labels!   Grab your Label It! Basket Label Holders and attach them to the Water Hyacinth Baskets.  Our Label It! Laundry & Household Label Pack is our largest and comes with 109 different categories and 124 total labels.  You just never know what people are going to put in this space so we gave you a label for everything you could possibly think of.  The labels stick right onto the front of the Stacker Drawers, your Go-To Bins and your Stacker Bins

And that’s all there is to it.  We’ve said it before and we will say it again and again.  You can do this!  You can be organized.  We’ve got packs for many more spaces so what’s next on your bucket list?  Whatever it is we’ve got you covered. 

Please share your Oba organized laundry & household space with us.  You can upload your photos and testimonials right on our website.  Nothing makes us happier than to see the amazing spaces you create.  Here’s to real world organizing and here’s to you!