Bathroom Organizing Packs Tutorial

Organizing doesn't have to give you a headache! Oba is here to help. Today we're here to show you what to do when it comes to organizing your bathroom. Don't forget to start with the Basics of Organizing Video tutorial!

Who’s ready to get that bathroom organized?!  Are you longing to make your bathroom a serene and relaxing space?  Every article I read lately talks about making yours into a spa.  Not sure how realistic that is but having your bathroom organized is definitely a good start.  We will be organizing a bathroom with all kinds of stuff.  Typically women have A LOT of bathroom products and men have very few.  But you never know, many bathrooms have surprised us.  At the end of this video it won’t matter what you have, it will all be organized and if your goal is to have a spa like feeling to your bathroom you’ll be one step closer.

If getting ready for the day tends to be a rushed and hectic process, let’s make it better.  No more opening every drawer and cabinet to find something.  In the Basics of Organizing Tutorial we covered all of the steps to organizing anything, the first step in the process is to remove everything from the space.    And the second is to sort everything into groups.  Combining these 2 steps makes things go even faster.  So as you remove an item, place it into a group.  We are about to make an organized mess.  Use any available space to group your items, countertops, tables, and don’t forget about the floor.  Once you have completed these steps you are ready to move on to step 3, the purge.

Once your drawers and cabinets are clear and everything is in a group, you can address each group and each item to see what you will keep, throw away, donate, or rehome.  Bathroom products tend to have a lot of things that expire like lotions, medications, makeup etc.  If they are expired throw them out.  Same with things like nail polish.  If it has been around since the beginning of time chances are it is no longer usable.  Trash it.  Check to see if you have multiples of the same thing and if they are open and half full.  If so combine them and save yourself some space.

Once the purging is done, it is time to put your Oba Bathroom Pack to work and get to step 4, containerize items and put everything away in their groups.

In bathrooms I like to start with the drawers.  If you have no drawers we’ve got you covered, but if you do, the things you use the most...the every single day type of stuff should go in those.  For lots of women it’s makeup, for men it tends to be hair product and shaving stuff.  But yours could be totally different.  You’ll have a bunch of different sizes of drawer organizers in your pack.  Start loading them up with your everyday items and get them in the drawers.  Like I said before if you have no drawers we have your back.  Grab your Stacker Drawers.  These are perfect to go in a cabinet.  And you can use the drawer organizers in them.  And like their name implies, they are stackable.  No wasted space.

For more of your often used products we love to use the Divided Lazy Susies.  No need to reach for anything, just give it a turn.  For bulkier items such as toilet paper or linens grab your Water Hyacinth Baskets.    And our small Market Basket is great for things in bottles like shampoo, conditioner, hair spray etc.  If you ordered the large Bathroom Pack you also have a couple Open Market Baskets, honestly these are great for just about anything, from medications to lotions.  These of course are only suggestions.  This is your bathroom so you fill the baskets to fit your needs.  Just make sure you are keeping your groups together.

Once you get everything just how you like it, it is time for the final step, labeling!  Bathrooms have a lot of variety and so do our Label It! Bathroom Label Pack.  There are 83 categories and 99 total labels.   Grab your Label It! Basket Label Holders and put them on the Water Hyacinth Baskets and then find the applicable label.  Put a label on each bin and basket in your cabinets and under your sink.   

And that’s all there is to it.  We’ve said it before and we will say it again and again.  You can do this!  You can be organized.  We’ve got many packs to choose from so pick another space and grab the pack.  And if you need one or two more of any item go on over to the a la carte section to complete your space.